Sunday, 6 December 2015

Tip 2 - Make A Video Free For Business

To achieve more positive results in business that make things better, here is 1 tip for making one business video for free that can save business owners £1000s. 

Review and understand the key problem or issues your market and your potential clients are facing. This could be a lack of information for book keeping / accounting, lack of knowledge about re-designing their homes, don’t know how so select the best holiday destination, where do they get best and most cost effective clothing for their work or pleasure etc. etc. etc.

When the problem is shared in your video, it can help the potential clients see if this relates to what they are facing and how does this business relate to them personally.

View this video at 20 seconds to get an example of a problem faced:
Susan Powers Creative Lifestyle Consultancy Business Coach

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To your business success and a better and more pleasant life!
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